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Settings at a glance

Use these settings to configure your dial-up networking, email and FTP software for connecting to GreenNet’s online services.

Web based services

Links to web based systems for administering databases (phpMyAdmin), ActionApps, mailing lists (mailman), and web based email (squirrelmail, horde).

A guide to spam

You’ve received it, you don’t want it, you don’t understand who it’s from or what it’s about. So just press Delete. Or, if you want to recognise, report or block some of the offensive, fraudulent or just plain annoying email that very occasionally gets through GreenNet’s anti-spam systems (or that you’ve come across with other email providers), here is a rundown of the main types.

Choose your webmail client

There are two ways of accessing your GreenNet email account on the web.

Example of mailbox size alert

We are aware of phishing scam emails which claim to be warning about email accounts reaching their size limit.  Genuine alerts about the size of a GreenNet mailbox do not ask for your login details, and use the following template:

Exim and greylisting

Here are some technical remarks about email transport issues

Filtering out spam

You can set your email program to move spam straight to the junk folder, either using any system the program has, or with GreenNet’s own pretty accurate markers.

Filtering Spam with Eudora

The following instructions are for Eudora 5/6/7. Eudora 3 looks slightly different

Filtering Spam with MS Outlook 2000

If you’re tired of wading through piles of spam each day, follow these instructions to set up automatic spam filters for your Microsoft Outlook 2000 inbox.

Greylisting and email error 450

GreenNet uses an effective anti-spam method called greylisting. Occasionally it may cause delays or even bounces emailing someone at GreenNet. However, in most cases this should be resolved at the sending server.

Featured services

Our managed Drupal hosting is for organisations who want a managed and dynamic presence on the web with easy access to expert Drupal advice and development support.

Ethical home & organisational broadband, ADSL up to 8Mbps & 20Mbps, unlimited bandwidth, fixed IP, and GreenNet’s excellent support team ensuring you’re online all of the time.

GreenNet web projects are all about planning, designing, building and hosting websites that work for you and the issues you’re working on.