Dear GreenNet community,

Many of you have experienced problems connecting to GreenNet email and websites during the last few days. On Thursday 1st August there was a massive distributed denial of service ("DDoS") attack on one of our web servers which denied all access to most GreenNet services, as well as affecting the systems of our networking provider and other networks throughout the UK and beyond. Our networking provider responded that day by completely cutting off connectivity to all our servers. We have worked over the past days to investigate the attack and demand that connectivity to our systems be reinstated by our suppliers.

There was a period of partial service from Sunday onwards. At 1030 on Wednesday 7th August, network connections from our servers to all remaining parts of the internet were reinstated, so GreenNet systems should once again be fully operational. We will now focus on investigating the attack itself in order to try to determine its origins as well as its exact target. The attack targeted an individual server where we hosted dozens of websites. Thus, we continue to investigate the attack in order try to determine which specific site the attack intended to knock offline, as well as taking advice on possible legal recourse. We are still very busy, but technically services have returned to normal. We are also reviewing our contingency plans to protect civil society activists from digital threats, and have increased redundancy in our systems and researched other suppliers.

We will keep you all informed as and when we are able to share further information. We apologise for the disruption this has caused to your work. Thank you for your patience over the last few days, and as always we are grateful for your custom and support. If you notice any residual problems, do get in contact with us. We will continue to post updates on our web page and Twitter feed.

Many thanks,

The GreenNet collective

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