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Drupal Web hosting package

Our managed Drupal hosting is for organisations who want a managed and dynamic presence on the web with easy access to expert Drupal advice and development support.

Web projects

GreenNet web projects are all about planning, designing, building and hosting websites that work for you and the issues you’re working on.


Intranets are a great way to share information and tools to help people work together in a team, especially when that team is spread out geographically. They offer imaginative solutions to organisations that are looking to reduce the environmental impact of running an office and transporting staff there each day.

GreenNet builds open source intranet solutions that include shared calendars, file stores, discussion spaces, notes, image galleries and contacts databases.

Our intranets are cheaper and more sharable than SharePoint Services.

Web projects with Drupal

GreenNet’s current CMS of choice is Drupal. It is an open source system for developing websites and publishing content to them. A Drupal website has at its heart a database of the site’s content (articles, reports, profiles, events etc..). The system serves content from the database to the right pages of the site in the appropriate style, as they are called for by site users. Site authors can add, modify and manage their content in that database using simple private online forms.


A wiki is a really simple to use online collaborative workspace. It looks like a website, is accessible through any internet-connected computer, and behaves like a group drafting table. Use it to develop proposals and reports with your colleagues, to gather notes during sessions of a workshop, to create a space for a community to share information, or to keep track of a project development process. Adding, editing and linking between content couldn’t be easier.