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Drupal Web hosting package

Our managed Drupal hosting is for organisations who want a managed and dynamic presence on the web with easy access to expert Drupal advice and development support.

Blog hosting

"I just want a website - nothing fancy - not sure how it's going to turn out but I want to have a go!"

If you want a website, but what you want seems almost too small and simple to describe, a WordPress Blog may suit you better than a wizzy Drupal site.

Database enabling (MySQL)

GreenNet’s database enabling service is designed for hosting websites that are built on a dynamic model where pages are served up from a database as users call for them.
Database enabling allows you to use your website, not only for static files of html web pages, but also for any kind of PHP/CGI system to pull information out of a database and display results on the web.

Home/Activist membership

This package is designed to meet the online needs of individual home users. It includes your own sub-domain style email address and web site URL.

Home/Activist Plus membership

For your own domain name, E-mail address and web site.

Organisational membership

For larger organisations with more experience of using the Internet for professional advantage and for Individuals and organisations keen to customise their presence on the Internet.

Password protected web site area

If you are running a static website, and would like a part of it to be private to a particular group or groups of people, we can set up password protection for those sections.

Server hosting

GreenNet’s Systems Administration and Support department provides hosting on our shared web server, and for dedicated and virtual servers as described below. It consists of a small team of dedicated and experienced Linux network administrators. The same team is in charge of both our own system and clients’ remotely managed servers.

The main responsibilities of the team are:

Small Group membership

For smaller organisations wanting a professional presence on the web

Web hosting features

See here for a description of some of what is included and prices for extra webspace. GreenNet offers a web hosting service which allows you to build a web site for the widest internet audience. All GreenNet websites are hosted on high performance Linux/Apache servers on the Internet backbone. These servers support PHP and CGI scripting and MySQL databases. The search engine is Ht://Dig. See our server hosting section for more details.