Service Description
Drupal Search using Apache Solr

Apache Solr is an incredibly fast and powerful  search with its own database that is well suited to handling complex queries across records of large databases. This service is mainly aimed at developers and web site administrators who are looking to improve the way their site can be searched and navigated.


Our Filestores are a cost-effective, convenient and secure alternative to an in the office share drive. It's accessible from anywhere, looks & feels just like your share drive and gets backed up automatically.


Intranets are a great way to share information and tools to help people work together in a team, especially when that team is spread out geographically. They offer imaginative solutions to organisations that are looking to reduce the environmental impact of running an office and transporting staff there each day.

GreenNet builds open source intranet solutions that include shared calendars, file stores, discussion spaces, notes, image galleries and contacts databases.

Our intranets are cheaper and more sharable than SharePoint Services.

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