Woodcraft Folk news page

This ambitious project was set up to integrate the Woodcraft Folk's in-office membership administration system with their public facing website. The idea was to build a very modern system to underpin a site that supports Woodcraft kids, parents and office staff, without losing the special creative spirit and energy of the Folk that has endured since its inception nearly 100 years ago.

The project kicked off with a workshop that brought together a range of Woodcraft people who collaboratively set out the site's priorities and challenges.That culminated in a comprehensive plan for the site and the database backend. Plans evolved into page mockups, wireframes and production sites, which were presented, discussed and tested by the Woodcraft Folk.

The result is a beautiful website (with page designs by Sarah Macbeth for wave design) which skillfully makes space for Woodcraft children to speak and show for themselves. And the cool funky tools like the online membership renewal, the guided search, the filterable calendar and interactive maps have found a wonderfully comfortable co-existence with the camping, peace building and cooperative spirit.

Web projects

GreenNet web projects are all about planning, designing, building and hosting websites that work for you and the issues you’re working on.

The GreenNet web team have worked for more than ten years building websites for NGOs, campaigns, social enterprises, development projects, ethically-minded freelancers and community groups. And we just get better and better at doing it which means a) all the work that is done in the name of one web project gets shared for the benefit of all subsequent projects and b) we're now the best we ever have been so there's never been a better time to ask us to build a site for you!

GreenNet web project basics

Every project is different but there are some pretty consistent threads running through all the sites we build:

  • Transparent navigation
  • Accessible content for both people and search engine robots
  • Simple data structures for organisations to update
  • Effective tools for collaboration between workers
  • Engaging spaces for supporters to interact with your work