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The challenge of doing sexual health outreach work in East London has been transformed by police action in the run up to the Olympics. This was the unusual starting point for the Open Doors Sexual Health Clinic's request for a new website.

The Open Doors team of nurses has for years, relied on its knowledge of East London brothels to provide critical sexual health advice, checkups and free condoms. Now that the police are closing them down in the run up to the 2012 olympics, the nurses needed to find an alternative route to continuing to provide healthcare to sexworkers.

So our task was to build a website that could speak clearly to east London sexworkers with the sorts of advice that the nurses used to provide on visits. At the same time it also needed to fill the gap of getting women to come in for checkups.

On the advice and information front, we used our well versed processes to tease out a clear structure for all leaflet content produced by Open Doors. We comissioned illustrator Jackie Parsons to create custom artwork for the site. And on the check-ups front we integrated a simple online form into the fabric of every webpage, encouraging users to get in touch.

With the inclusion of a new Twitter feed on the side, the nurses now also have an additional way of updating the site and reaching followers via their mobiles. Finally Open Doors gold plated the site by commissioning translations of all the content on all the pages into Portuguese, Romanian, Polish and Chinese.

Web projects with Drupal

GreenNet’s current CMS of choice is Drupal. It is an open source system for developing websites and publishing content to them. A Drupal website has at its heart a database of the site’s content (articles, reports, profiles, events etc..). The system serves content from the database to the right pages of the site in the appropriate style, as they are called for by site users. Site authors can add, modify and manage their content in that database using simple private online forms.

The advantage of this system for GreenNet members is that their sites can be updated by anyone who has authorised access from any internet connected computer. All they need is an ordinary web browser such as Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari. Once they have mastered the simple art of filling in the Drupal forms, resources and...