After we completed the FERN and SinksWatch websites in early 2010, Logging Off was next in the queue from this stable. The project was borne partly out of a need to improve the update-ability of the Logging Off site, but also fitted into  FERN's grander plans to standardise their online platforms using Drupal. Unlike FERN's broad scope of forests and forest peoples’ rights, Logging Off  has a specific focus on the national negotiations around  Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT). The site is organised as a one-stop-shop for all those involved or interested in these negotiations - with constantly updated country pages that list all relevant resources and news. The site's main navigation is supported by a guided search which allows site users to combine country names and theme terms to narrow down on the content they're after. The site's content is largely available in both English and French - switchable using a simple language menu. The site's page design draws heavily on the look and feel of the previous version of Logging Off, with adaptations designed to optimise loading times in low bandwidth environments, and improve readability of content.

Web projects with Drupal

GreenNet’s current CMS of choice is Drupal. It is an open source system for developing websites and publishing content to them. A Drupal website has at its heart a database of the site’s content (articles, reports, profiles, events etc..). The system serves content from the database to the right pages of the site in the appropriate style, as they are called for by site users. Site authors can add, modify and manage their content in that database using simple private online forms.

The advantage of this system for GreenNet members is that their sites can be updated by anyone who has authorised access from any internet connected computer. All they need is an ordinary web browser such as Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari. Once they have mastered the simple art of filling in the Drupal forms, resources and...