Gyaan Yatra home

Gyaan Yatra is an initiative of the Asian Foundation for Philanthropy, designed to animate debate and understanding of development issues as a way of raising awareness. And as part of this work it also cultivates a group of development ambassadors, young people who are involved in AFP's development leadership scheme. Now translating all of that into requirements for the website meant coming up with a structure that could provide:

  • clearly labelled  background and news on global issues
  • simple user-engagement tools for people coming to the site, wanting to ask questions, discuss issues and ideas
  • regular updates by email for visitors
  • useful networking  spaces for development ambassadors to learn and gain from each other's ideas and experiences

The site we built is brimming with opportunities for interactivity from a comment box on news stories, to discussion forums, to a notice board and instant messaging system for DAs. This makes sure that the site is kept alive not just by its dynamic team of GY staff, but by its readers too. Coupling all that with a cleverly customised version of Drupal's notifications system, there's also an automated mailout of new content listings to anyone who wants to subscribe.

Support and development tickets

Launching your web site may mark the end of a long and weighty project. It's also the beginning of a new section in the life of the site – where it settles into getting on with its users. This commonly involves comments, feedback and occasional bug reports – many of which can be responded to with small changes by our developers. Luckily the GreenNet web projects team is on hand to support you and your website after the launch party is over and the project completion notes are written.

To make it easier to get help from us along the way we provide Support and Development Tickets that you can use to get help with just about anything, including things like:

  • adding the logo of a new funder
  • changing your address details in the site's footer
  • installing a new site traffic monitor
  • rearranging the blocks on a page
  • reordering a list of items by date rather than alphabetically
  • changing the Twitter feed that's featured on your home page

Ticket Prices

  • £45 (£37.50 excl VAT) for a single ticket for 1/2 an hour's help
  • £270 (£225 excl VAT) for 7 tickets (buy 6, get one free)