DTE home page

Down To Earth's old website dated back to 2002, and had built up an impressive Indonesian environmental justice archive over those 8 years. But the effort of manually coding and uploading content was increasingly looking like an inefficient use of resources - especially given the more user-friendly web management alternatives available. So DTE comissioned us to rebuild the site with new technology that would make it much simpler for workers both in the UK and Indonesia to share the load of updating the site. We've developed a bi-lingual facility on the site for adding translations of content and site features, so the entire site switches between English and Indonesian at the click of a button. The DTE newsletter is fully integrated into the site, so that users can subscribe via the website and newsletter mailouts are automatically archived on the site. After a good deal of interrogation of the existing content and audience needs, we re-worked the navigation to create more intuitive sections for content and installed a guided search to make it much simpler to get to the articles you're interested in. Finally DTE completed the project with a mammoth transfer and classification of all that content to its new Drupal home.

The site design was created by Sarah Macbeth who worked on a concept based on the existing DTE logo and new colour  photography. She developed custom maps of the Indonesian regions to fit with the overall look and feel, and implemented the page designs as a fully standards compliant Drupal theme.

Web projects with Drupal

GreenNet’s current CMS of choice is Drupal. It is an open source system for developing websites and publishing content to them. A Drupal website has at its heart a database of the site’s content (articles, reports, profiles, events etc..). The system serves content from the database to the right pages of the site in the appropriate style, as they are called for by site users. Site authors can add, modify and manage their content in that database using simple private online forms.

The advantage of this system for GreenNet members is that their sites can be updated by anyone who has authorised access from any internet connected computer. All they need is an ordinary web browser such as Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari. Once they have mastered the simple art of filling in the Drupal forms, resources and...