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CR has been growing its archive of peace building resources - articles, briefings and its own journal series, Accord, for nearly 20 years. And although their old website  was able to contain most of the content, managing it and finding it was becoming increasingly unwieldy.

By the time CR came to GreenNet, they had already decided that they wanted to rebuild their website with a CMS. But the new structure and functionality of the site were not yet clear. We worked with CR staff to devise a new information architecture for the site, and from there moved onto a content classification plan.

Given the diversity of the content and the complexity of the categorisation system, there was a real danger of the site drifting back into a multi-tiered labarynthine confusion of sections and sub-sections. We met that challenge by combining imaginative use of new content display devices such as accordion listings and tabbed  views, with cross referenced relevant content from other sections.

This resulted in Work Programme pages that have a deceptively simple layout and design, fronting a well organised (and findable) array of diverse content.

Other features of the site include an Apache Solr search drilling through the  news and resources section,  newsletter subsciptions dovetailing with Mailchimp, and online mapping of all CRs global conflict resolution and policy work.

Support and development tickets

Launching your web site may mark the end of a long and weighty project. It's also the beginning of a new section in the life of the site – where it settles into getting on with its users. This commonly involves comments, feedback and occasional bug reports – many of which can be responded to with small changes by our developers. Luckily the GreenNet web projects team is on hand to support you and your website after the launch party is over and the project completion notes are written.

To make it easier to get help from us along the way we provide Support and Development Tickets that you can use to get help with just about anything, including things like:

  • adding the logo of a new funder
  • changing your address details in the site's footer
  • installing a new site traffic monitor
  • rearranging the blocks on a page
  • reordering a list of items by date rather than alphabetically
  • changing the Twitter feed that's featured on your home page

Ticket Prices

  • £45 (£37.50 excl VAT) for a single ticket for 1/2 an hour's help
  • £270 (£225 excl VAT) for 7 tickets (buy 6, get one free)