is an important publication published in 2005 by American and Iraqi legal experts, providing a great deal of
factual background still desperately needed relating to women In Iraq. It has now been made available by Women Living Under Muslim Laws as a download in English and Arabic.

WLUML has received this very useful and important publication, and has added
the English and Arabic versions to its website for you to download.

"The Status of Women in Iraq, An Assessment of Iraq's De Jure and De Facto
Compliance with International Legal Standards," was published in July 2005 by
the Iraq Legal Development Project of the American Bar Association. It was
produced by a team of people, including Kelly Fleck, Sawsan Gharaibeh, Aline
Matta and Yasmine Rassem with assistance from many Iraqi legal experts. The
opinions expressed in the book are those of the authors.

It is a very welcome publication as it provides, in one volume, a great deal of
factual information and background that is still desperately needed by those
working on issues relating to women In Iraq.

Iraq: The status of women in Iraq: an assessment of Iraq's de jure and de facto
compliance with international legal standards (American Bar Association - Iraq
Legal Development Project)
8/09/2006 The Assessment covers thematic categories: political participation,
civil society and women in decision making, violence against women and the
right to personal security, labor and economic rights, family and marriage,
nationality, health, and education.

Please do inform your colleagues and networkers of this publication.

In solidarity,

Women Living Under Muslim Laws