01/09/2011   Palestinian recognition: Israel prepares to shoot at protesters

Despite US opposition more than 130 countries will vote for Palestine’s statehood at the UN. There is also support within Israel’s diplomatic and security services, but the IDF are to issue settlers with tear gas and stun grenades and order soldiers to shoot at the feet of any protesters.

24/08/2011   Disability websites resist closure

DWP contractor Atos Healthcare has pressured webhosting companies into removing sites critical of its assessments, but some blogs remain as the backlash gathers momentum.

17/08/2011   State use of personal data "deeply flawed"

The Equality and Human Rights Commission’s latest report on state use of personal data shows that privacy law does not adequately protect against breaches of individual rights.

09/08/2011   Warnings of unrest from increasing inequality ignored

The rich get richer and the poor get looting. Surprised millionaire politicians are forced to return from their hols and recall parliament as riots break out after decades of increasing social deprivation.

23/07/2011   Stop renewed attacks on Algerian women

On June 11 and July 2-3 renewed ‘punitive’ night raids by mobs of youths in M’sila, Algeria, have attacked and burnt down the houses of single women accused of ‘stealing men’s jobs’ and of being prostitutes. The police did not intervene.

18/07/2011   New extinction threat to Amazon tribes

Peru’s Indian Affairs Department has revealed plans to open up uncontacted tribes’ reserves to oil companies – just days before the new government takes office. Act now to help Peru’s uncontacted peoples.

08/07/2011   End commercial whaling now

Take action to end commercial whaling. Support modernisation of the International Whaling Commission at the 63rd Annual IWC Meeting in Jersey.

30/06/2011   Threat to Congo rainforest logging ban

Help the Rainforest Foundation put pressure on the Congolese Government and the World Bank to keep the moratorium on logging, prevent irreversible damage to wildlife habitat, and help local communities gain greater control of their forest homes.

22/06/2011   Secret web blocking plans threaten freedom of expression

Corporate media copyright “experts” are secretly lobbying Ed Vaizey for the right to block websites, despite a UN report that website banning would severely risk freedom of expression unless strictly controlled by the Courts.