18/11/2011   Factory farming adds to antibiotics crisis

Massive over-use of antibiotics in factory farming threatens a world without effective cures for bacterial infections. Confined and stressful conditions maximise productivity but suppress animal immune systems, increasing the need for antibiotics.

03/11/2011   Campaign for Alaa's release and end to military trials in Egypt

Photo from personaldemocracy on Flickr (CC-BY-SA-2.0)Photo from personaldemocracy on Flickr (CC-BY-SA-2.0)GreenNet condemns the imprisonment of Egyptian activist Alaa Abd El-Fattah for his conscientious objection to the use of military courts to try civilians. Join the campaign for his release and the end of military trials in Egypt.

28/10/2011   Dictators may die but their debts live on

Developing countries ‘owe’ hundreds of millions to the UK for arms deals which have caused human rights abuses and environmental destruction. Too often these deals have been shrouded in corruption. Over 90% is owed to the UK’s Export Credits Guarantee Department.

21/10/2011   Imported biofuels cause deforestation

Biomass and agrofuels burned in the UK from Indonesia, Brazil, Ghana or Kenya can cause deforestation and other harmful land use. In some cases greenhouse gas emissions can be worse than fossil fuels.

22/09/2011   NHS in talks with "largest ever" Medicare fraud group

© The Green Party© The Green PartyThe owner of German private healthcare group Helios, currently in talks to run NHS services, was fined $500m for kickbacks and fraudulent Medicare claims.

08/09/2011   Olympic Park contamination cover-up

A new film claims that the ODA, instead of taking an ‘unprecedented opportunity’ to clean up this highly contaminated former industrial site, has ignored the Environment Agency’s contaminated land guidance and may have illegally reburied radioactive waste. Watch Iain Sinclair’s 2012 Gold Dust.

01/09/2011   Palestinian recognition: Israel prepares to shoot at protesters

Despite US opposition more than 130 countries will vote for Palestine’s statehood at the UN. There is also support within Israel’s diplomatic and security services, but the IDF are to issue settlers with tear gas and stun grenades and order soldiers to shoot at the feet of any protesters.

24/08/2011   Disability websites resist closure

DWP contractor Atos Healthcare has pressured webhosting companies into removing sites critical of its assessments, but some blogs remain as the backlash gathers momentum.

17/08/2011   State use of personal data "deeply flawed"

The Equality and Human Rights Commission’s latest report on state use of personal data shows that privacy law does not adequately protect against breaches of individual rights.