13/06/2012   What's fair about Workfare?

@sparkyf1@sparkyf1Does the scandal of Close Protection UK’s Jubilee stewards stranded at London Bridge without any facilities presage the use of forced voluntary labour for the Olympics, and expose the many inequities of Workfare schemes?

27/04/2012   Spain to criminalise online protest organisers

@acampadasol@acampadasolThe Spanish government is planning to criminalise anyone using the internet to organise street protests. Retweeting information on an event considered violent would be liable to 2 years imprisonment.

23/04/2012   Is the Surveillance State based on secret US spy centre?

The NSA’s new Data Center in Utah is so vast it could enable the US to become an “Orwellian state”, claims whistleblower William Binney, and looks like the perfect model for the UK’s latest Big Brother mass surveillance scheme.

05/04/2012   Surveillance State zombie returns from the dead

Despite vicious attacks by the Tories when in opposition and huge public protests, the ‘surveillance state’ has risen again with even more virulence. Who are the Big Brothers ever keen to turn the UK into Terry Gilliam’s Brazil?

26/03/2012   Budget cap bashes charity donations

The budget’s new tax relief cap will severely reduce charity income, and could prevent new charities setting up, handing even more of the third sector over to ‘social entrepreneurs’ and for-profit corporations.

19/03/2012   Tar Sands targets wolves in new Alberta cull

Climate Action Network Canada has exposed a multimillion dollar push by the Canadian government to undermine key EU and US climate legislation, in which the UK is described as “team leader”. The State of Alberta now plans a large-scale wolf slaughter to cover for the destruction of its ecosystem by the tar sands industry.

09/03/2012   £7m arms exports to Bahrain since 2010

Royal Bahraini Airforce HawkRoyal Bahraini Airforce HawkAs 1,000s protest against the Bahraini government, chanting “Down, down Hamad” and calling for the release of political detainees, CAAT reveals how the UK continues to arm repression.

23/02/2012   Somalia: What can London conference achieve?

Decades of foreign intervention in Somalia have at best proved irrelevant and have often made things worse. There are serious doubts that the UK government’s international conference will learn from the mistakes of the past or can achieve a locally negotiated political solution.

15/02/2012   Stop new UK companies' tax loophole

The Treasury’s new tax loophole will ignore movements of money by British businesses into tax havens. Billions in revenue urgently needed for healthcare and education by developing countries could be lost.