17/08/2012   Join Disabled People Against Cuts for the ATOS games !

Sponsoring the Paralympics are the DWP’s disabled benefit slashers ATOS. Support DPAC’s 5 days of protest against the government contractor that is wrecking disabled peoples’ lives for £110m a year.

24/07/2012   DEA threat to public access wifi

Ofcom are consulting on a new version of the Digital Economy Act’s ‘Initial Obligations Code’. But Ofcom and the Government have refused to create an exception for wifi providers. This could stifle wifi provision and target individuals unfairly. Now is your chance to tell them why the DEA is still bad news.

18/07/2012   No justice for Jimmy Mubenga's family

Photo: Claire Butler 29/10/11Photo: Claire Butler 29/10/11Crying out that he couldn’t breathe, Jimmy Mubenga died being “restrained” by G4S guards on a forced repatriation flight from Heathrow. Against evidence within G4S and the Home Office about the dangers of restraint techniques, no charges are to be brought by the CPS.

29/06/2012   Goodbye ACTA, hello TPP?

Now that all 5 committees of MEPs have rejected ACTA the likelihood is that the July 4 full plenary vote will kill it off. But now the secretive, multi-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement threatens the future of the internet’s global infrastructure.

22/06/2012   World's worst polluters sponsor 'greenest' Olympics

London’s 2012 “most environmentally friendly ever” Olympics are sponsored by BP, Dow and Rio Tinto, but campaigning groups have been ignored by the Organising Committee LOCOG. Now you can ask your MP to support the Greenwash Gold early day motion.

13/06/2012   What's fair about Workfare?

@sparkyf1@sparkyf1Does the scandal of Close Protection UK’s Jubilee stewards stranded at London Bridge without any facilities presage the use of forced voluntary labour for the Olympics, and expose the many inequities of Workfare schemes?

27/04/2012   Spain to criminalise online protest organisers

@acampadasol@acampadasolThe Spanish government is planning to criminalise anyone using the internet to organise street protests. Retweeting information on an event considered violent would be liable to 2 years imprisonment.

23/04/2012   Is the Surveillance State based on secret US spy centre?

The NSA’s new Data Center in Utah is so vast it could enable the US to become an “Orwellian state”, claims whistleblower William Binney, and looks like the perfect model for the UK’s latest Big Brother mass surveillance scheme.

05/04/2012   Surveillance State zombie returns from the dead

Despite vicious attacks by the Tories when in opposition and huge public protests, the ‘surveillance state’ has risen again with even more virulence. Who are the Big Brothers ever keen to turn the UK into Terry Gilliam’s Brazil?