29/08/2013   Germans switch to national email providers after US scandal

Germany’s justice minister has said German people are flocking to national email providers and demanding encryption services normally reserved for corporate security in the wake of the US spying scandal. Read Valentina Pop’s article in EUobserver.com

19/08/2013   Arms to Egypt: whose side are we on?

Since 2011 the UK has licensed £65m in arms exports to Egypt, now again run by the army and its rape squads and street-corner torturers. But despite being “on the side of the Egyptian people” according to the Foreign Office, the UK is still inviting Egypt to London’s DSEi Arms Fair. Act now for an embargo on arms to Egypt.

26/07/2013   Olympics one year on - where's the lottery money?

The Government is trying to take the credit for returning lottery money it never should have taken in the first place, and then claiming a victory for its delivery of the Olympic Legacy through an initiative it didn’t set up. Join the Big Lottery Refund campaign.

09/07/2013   Privacy International's legal action against UK mass surveillance

In a statement to Parliament William Hague said that GCHQ “complied fully” with the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (Ripa), the Human Rights Act (HRA) and the Intelligence Services Act (Isa). Lawyers for PI have now filed a claim that GCHQ are in breach of the HRA, RIPA and EU law.

28/06/2013   Google store sells "gay cure" app

In response to an AllOut.org petition Apple has removed the iTunes app “Setting Captives Free”, which claims to help people fight “habitual sins”, but Google Play is still selling it. Support the campaign against “gay cures” that can lead desperate people to depression or suicide.

09/06/2013   £395m for "a new wave of colonialism"

Over 40 companies including Monsanto, Unilever and Diageo have joined an aid initiative launched by the G8, condemned by African civil society groups as a handover of farmland to foreign investors that will destroy their livelihoods. Join the campaign to divert the £395m to ecological smallholder farming in Africa.

22/05/2013   No credibility in Cameron's G8 tax clampdown

Oxfam’s latest report, revealing a stash of £4.7tn in British Overseas tax havens, calls Cameron’s G8 Summit leadership in June “a mockery” when there is no deal on the table to help poor countries reclaim over £100bn they are owed. The UK has “consistently opposed” reforming the tax system for Transnational Corporations (TNCs), claims the Tax Justice Network.

03/05/2013   FinSpy software hijacks Firefox

Tickle the WireTickle the WireMozilla takes legal action against spyware from UK company Gamma imitating its Firefox browser. Privacy International has also filed for judicial review of HMRC’s refusal to release information on Gamma exporting its FinFisher surveillance technology to repressive regimes.

23/04/2013   A black day for data privacy

Activists called for another web blackout in protest against the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) passed by the US House of Representatives, similar to last January’s action by Wikipedia, Reddit, Google, Mozilla and others, while UK internet security experts have written to the PM to object to the “Snooper’s Charter” Communications Data Bill.