24/06/2014   $572m military aid for Egypt

Despite condemnation of Egypt’s jailing of Mohamed Fahmy, Peter Greste and Baher Mohamed, the USA has just discreetly handed a plain brown envelope worth $572m to Egypt’s military rulers, with plenty more where that came from.

09/06/2014   The largest protest in human history

wearemany.tvwearemany.tvAt last Amir Amirani’s groundbreaking film charting the experiences and background of the February 15 2003 anti Iraq war march has premiered at the Sheffield DocFest, receiving a three and a half minute standing ovation.

04/06/2014   Government "scared of public opinion”

A freedom of information request by the Morning Star has revealed that 1,869 government e-petitions have not been published. Stop the War’s petition against sending Nato troops to Ukraine was withheld for 3 weeks until journalists phoned the MoD.

25/05/2014   War in Mali

The Malian army has been defeated at Kidal by MNLA Touareg separatists reinforced by the AQMI coalition, once the target of the French when they intervened in January 2013, writes award winning blogger Sophie Sarin. But the French stood by while their former enemies regrouped. There are reports of northern cities Menaka and Aguelhoc also falling. 40 Malian soldiers are dead.

09/05/2014   Shale Gas health hazards: it's a fracking whitewash!

Public Health England’s draft report on the environmental impact of shale gas extraction is a whitewash, writes Paul Mobbs in The Ecologist magazine, a view shared by those radical activists at, er, the British Medical Journal. Photo via Tumblr.com

26/04/2014   Vote for Digital Rights!

European Digital Rights (EDRi) members ORG and DigiGes have launched “WePromise.EU” to put digital civil rights on the agenda of the 22nd of May European elections. Sign the pledge to vote for MEPs who support the 10 point Charter of Digital Rights.

21/03/2014   Qatar 2022: Slavery, death and corruption

Migrant workers “no better than slaves” have suffered over 900 deaths on construction sites in Qatar’s 2022 World Cup city. Claims the world’s richest country per capita won its bid due to corruption have led to calls to rerun the vote. Join the campaign for migrant workers’ justice.

08/03/2014   US/EU trade agreement threatens democracy

StopTTIP is the UK part of an international campaign opposing the US/EU Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), claiming it will give corporations excessive control over our society, degrading regulation on health & safety, food, environment, privacy, banking and much more. The NHS is now already ‘harmonised’ with the US corporate-access public health model.

25/02/2014   Legislation to make polluters pay in the Niger Delta

In 2011 the UN reported that cleaning up Shell’s pollution in Ogoniland would take at least 30 years and $1 billion of start up finance. But no money has been pledged by Shell and the clean-up has not happened. Now a new law could hold Nigeria’s polluters to account.