23/02/2012   Somalia: What can London conference achieve?

Decades of foreign intervention in Somalia have at best proved irrelevant and have often made things worse. There are serious doubts that the UK government’s international conference will learn from the mistakes of the past or can achieve a locally negotiated political solution.

15/02/2012   Stop new UK companies' tax loophole

The Treasury’s new tax loophole will ignore movements of money by British businesses into tax havens. Billions in revenue urgently needed for healthcare and education by developing countries could be lost.

07/02/2012   Act against ACTA

accessnow.orgaccessnow.orgThe Anti Counterfeiting Trade Agreement threatens the free use and openness of the internet. In the name of copyright protection ISPs and websites will have more power to track what we do online, and be forced to report our activities to the authorities.