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Saints Information

Saints Information Ltd is a New Zealand company offering a range of research and information management consultancy services to clients worldwide.

Ethical Business


SAMUHA is a development organisation working in the State of Karnataka in South India. All SAMUHA interventions encourage people to improve their bargaining capacities to cope better with environmental and socio-political factors.

Community work & Volunteering

SAO Cambodia

SAO Cambodia is a UK-based Christian mission promoting the Christian faith and relieving poverty and distress amongst Cambodian people.

Health & Welfare


Weekly news on latest actions. Diary, Activist Database, archive, etc. E-mail/Snail mail subscription available

EMags & Books, Environment, News

Schumacher College

Schumacher College was founded in 1991 on the conviction that a new vision is needed for society, its values and its relationship to the earth.


Scientists for Global Responsibility

SGR promotes the ethical practice and use of science and technology. We develop and support initiatives which make science more open, accountable and democratic. Our work involves research, education, lobbying and providing a support network for ethically

Campaigns & Global Issues


A community-based website promoting events in the Sharrow area of Sheffield


Sheffield CND

Information on campaigning against nuclear weapons in Sheffield.

Peace & Disarmament

Sheffield Live!

A website promoting SheffieldLive - a community-based radio station.


Singaporeans For Democracy

The Singapore Democratic Party is committed to bringing democracy to Singapore

Human Rights


SinksWatch scrutinizes carbon sink and especially tree plantation projects attempting to claim carbon credits through the Kyoto Protocols market mechanisms. It is hosted by the Northern office of the World Rainforest Movement and is run by FERN.

Campaigns & Global Issues

Smallworld TV

Small World Productions is a leading provider of television services to the voluntary sector.

Ethical Business

So High Soho

Soho retailers of psychedelic paraphernalia clothes jewellery and accessories - owned and run by women

Campaigns & Global Issues

Socialist International

International network of 139 political parties and organisations. Newsletter

Campaigns & Global Issues

Socialist International Women

Socialist International Women is the international organisation of the womens organisations of the socialist, social democratic and labour parties affiliated to the Socialist International.

Social Justice & Equality

Socialist Outlook

A monthly Marxist review

Labour & Trade Unions

Socialist Renewal

Socialist Renewal grew out of the discussions around Labour’s abandonment of Clause Four, in 1995.
A general invitation was issued to socialist authors to write for us. A dozen pamphlets and half a
dozen books followed. Currently Socialist Renewal is in its 7th Series and still going strong.

This website is set up to encourage discussion.

Society of Saint Francis (European Province)

An Anglican religious community situated in both rural and inner city areas within the UK, working to help people in need & offering hospitality for those looking for quiet space and a place of retreat. Site contains community information, news & links.


Soil Association

The Soil Association is a membership charity campaigning for planet-friendly food and farming. They believe in the connection between soil, food, the health of people, and the health of the planet.

The Soil Association was established over 60 years ago. Thirty years ago they drafted the worlds first organic standards and are responsible for promoting and maintaining the principles of sustainable agriculture in over 30 countries.

We have led campaigns on a wide range of issues from GM, pesticides and school meals to animal welfare, UK food security and climate change.

We have a department dedicated to promoting local food initiatives and have played a key role in developing farmers markets and veg box schemes.

The charity has 26,000 members and active supporters.

Why should I join the Soil Association?

Be the change. Make a difference in your own life by joining our movement and becoming part of the solution. Give your beliefs a voice through our campaigns on sustainable food and farming – from GM, pesticides and school meals to animal welfare, UK food security and climate change.

Support projects around the UK that transform food culture and help build healthy communities.
We are the best-placed organisation in the UK to deliver local and organic solutions to the environmental threats that we face.

What do members of the Soil Association receive?

Membership of the Soil Association costs from £24 a year. All members receive:
A free subscription to Living Earth, the Soil Associations award-winning quarterly magazine.
A members-only e-newsletter, keeping them in touch with our campaigns and programme work.
Invitations to special events for members such as farm walks, debates and masterclasses many on our network of Open Farms. Get involved and make a difference. All members have the chance to join a group or local food project and receive help on the changes they can make at home and in their communities.
With the Soil Association Welcome Pack, all members receive a membership card that entitles them to special deals and discounts at independent outlets, and free entry to our annual organic festivals in Bristol and Glasgow.

The Soil Association exists to research, develop and promote sustainable relationships between the soil, plants, animals, people and the biosphere, in order to produce healthy food and other products while protecting and enhancing the environment.

The Soil Association offices are in South Plaza, Marlborough Street, Bristol BS1 3NX (telephone 0117 314 5000) The Soil Association “is the UK’s leading environmental charity promoting sustainable, organic farming and championing human health.” It also wholly owns Soil Association Certification, Britain’s largest organic certifying body.

We all need food. Agriculture in differing forms is the basis of most culture. It also has fundamental far reaching consequences in matters of social justice. Most of our food derives from soil. Healthy soil contains millions of living organisms and as such hold lots of carbon. Recent modern agricultural practice has contributed much to the loss of top soil and consequential loss of carbon to the atmosphere. Agriculture and the way we manage land globally has a most crucial role to play in helping against climate change. Moreover in view of modern agricultures dependence on oil based fertilizers and chemicals, it is becoming essential that more of us become involved in agriculture and food production and further that even more of us understand properly the workings of nature and how we are to care for this planet properly.

Campaigns & Global Issues, Environment

South Somerset Green Fair

Annual Green Fair in south Somerset



Analysis, forecasting and risk assessment in Southern Africa. Since 1986.

News & Information

Spokesman Books

Spokesman is the publishing imprint of the Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation

Campaigns & Global Issues

St Margarets Scottish Episcopal Church

Our Congregational life began in 1898 when the Rector of St. Ninians Pollokshields, The Very Reverend Dean M.B. Hutchison, opened a tiny Mission Church in a rented shop in the Kilmarnock Road, near the McQuiston Bridge.


Stuart Bullen and Mark Findlay

Stuart is an experienced artist printmaker.


Stuart Bullen website

This site contains Stuart Bullens personal statement, illustrates his work and announces his activities.


Students Partnership Worldwide

Every year SPW recruits and trains over 600 volunteers aged 18-28, some from the local area, to work on Health Education and Community Resource Programs in rural parts of India, Nepal, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Community work & Volunteering

Sudan Update

Sudan Update has been a key point of reference for news and information about Sudan since 1989

News & Information

Sussex Biodiversity Record Centre

The Sussex Biodiversity Record Centre is managed as a partnership project.

Biodiversity and Habitats

Szura: The Nature Studies

Creative site, including writings on philosophy, politics, environment, spirituality, and stories.