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National Abortion Campaign

Campaigning For Choice Since 1975

Campaigns & Global Issues

National Assembly of Women

The National Assembly of Women is a national, non-funded voluntary womens organisation established in 1952 and campaigning for equality for women in all spheres.


National Group on Homeworking

Works for the rights of homeworkers in the UK


Nature Cure Clinic

The Nature Cure Clinic was established to make alternative/complementary medicine more accessible to the wider community, by providing naturopathic/homeopathic treatment at reduced rates for people who are on a low income.

Alternative Health

Network Of Buddhist Organisations

The NBO was founded in 1993 to promote fellowship and dialogue between Buddhist organizations, to facilitate co-operation in matters of common interest and to work in harmony with Buddhist and likeminded organizations around the world.

Religion & Spirituality

New Animal Rights Calendar

Compiled by Veggies to co-ordinate animal rights campaign events throughout the UK. Events are not organised by Veggies and Veggies are not responsible for the details listed.

Animal Welfare

Newport Waste Savers

Community based recycling in Wales


Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign

Political campaign to promote economic justice in Nicaragua. Fair trade goods available.

Campaigns & Global Issues

NMP Anti-Racist Trust

how you can help support constructive work in your area.

Campaigns & Global Issues

Northern Friends Peace Board

set up to support "the active promotion of peace in all its height and breadth".

Campaigns & Global Issues

Nuclear Free Local Authorities

Designed to assist local government in meeting its commitment to sustainable development, environmental protection and public safety.

Community work & Volunteering