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Gaia House

Gaia House Meditation Retreat Centre

Alternative Health


The official website of the GalGael Trust, aiming to provide people with skills for a sustainable future and to contribute these skills to the creation of a vibrant community.

Community work & Volunteering

GeneWatch UK

GeneWatch UK is a public interest group which aims to ensure that genetic technologies are developed and used in the public interest and in a way which promotes human health, protects the environment and respects human rights and the interests of animals.

Campaigns & Global Issues

Global Dialogue

Global Dialogue believes that democracy, human rights and good governance can best be fostered by an active partnership between civil society and accountable government. Global Dialogue undertakes research, policy development, and educational activities, including publishing and training, to promote these ideals. Using our detailed local knowledge of civil society organisations in different parts of the world we also provide a sub-granting procedure to support local NGOs through establishing Strategic Funds. By supporting local organisations, embedded in their society and with legitimacy in their own communities, Global Dialogue can make a contribution that is distinct from that of other international donors.

Campaigns & Global Issues, democracy, Education, funding, Human Rights, training

Globalise Resistance

Globalising resistance to corporate power

Campaigns & Global Issues

Green Books

Green Books is a small independent publishing company, whose aim is to inform and inspire the general reader about ecological, spiritual and cultural issues of our time.


Green Park Station

Information, events and promotion of Green Park Station, Bath

Ethical Business

Green Scythe Fair

Annual Green Fair in south Somerset


Guatemala Solidarity Network

GSN works in solidarity with Guatemalan organisations and communities striving for human rights, social and economic justice and the empowerment and participation of indigenous peoples and all marginalised groups.

Campaigns & Global Issues