There is more than Internet Explorer. If you use it though remember to keep it up-to-date. Visit [url=]Microsoft Update[/url] from time to time.

[url=]Mozilla (~11MB)[/url] [b][i] Windows, MacOS X, Linux[/b][/i] is a [i]free[/i] web browser and E-mail program, very secure and easy to use. Hint: If it takes too long to start enable [b]Preference|Advanced|Quick Launch[/b]

[url=]Mozilla Firefox[/url] [b][i] Windows, MacOS X, Linux[/b][/i] another [i]free[/i] web browser based on Mozilla. It is faster and smaller but has no E-mail program (this is now the separate Mozilla Thunderbird).

[url=]Opera (~3 or 12 MB)[/url][b][i] Windows, MacOS X, MacOS 9, Linux, BeOS, FreeBSD, PDAs,…[/b][/i] Said to be a very fast browser

[url=]Camino[/url][b][i] MacOS X[/b][/i] Another child of the Mozilla project

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Re: Web Browsers

I use Mozilla Firebird, and it's very, very good.

Mozilla and Mozilla Firebird have a really useful option to stop pop-up windows from opening up, so you don't get anywhere near the amount of advertising stuff as you do when browsing the net with IE.

Very much an improvement over every version of IE, up to and including IE 6 (latest at the time of this writing).

Regards and best wishes,

Justin Clift

Re: Web Browsers

i do prefer working with older opera versions. I think that the included mail program makes opera browswers more vulnerable or more
in danger for viruses as far as i can say or talk about this or heard so far.
the Advantage of Opera is for me that it offers the best overview about all functions, e.g. History window and other details.
Anyway I think the newest versions include too much alternatives that might again lead to an increasing vulnerability of the software.
Also it is a fact that the included java components do not work with windows 95, which according to my pratice never made as much problems as e.g.
What i want to say is : here i added a link to a list of operas file names and if searching for those filenames with a searchengine one might find download locations.
One very simple design to make working with any browser capacities better
lies within the bookmark folders, why is it not been programmed so far that the user is able to choose the colour of the folder, to get an easy basic systematic....

Re: Web Browsers

Never had a single problem with Safari, free with mac systems. easy to use

Re: Web Browsers

I set up an old 386 DX 40 for internet for a friends first computer, with DOS and win 3.1, I had heard about the Opera browser, and put versions 2.12 and 3.86 on it, and I was very impressed, I was able to surf the web quite well, I now have the newest version 7.54 on my win98 machine and feel quite good about it, a couple of months ago my IE 6 browser was 'hijacked' by a website virus and it took the better part of a day to undo the damage. I got the non java version of opera, so I don't have to worry about corruptive websites, activeX and all the dangers that target IE

Re: Web Browsers

i desined a site two yesrs ago but i cant published it
plese guidence me or send a software for publish.
thank you

Re: Web Browsers


To upload (or ‘publish’) your site you need two things: webspace, and an FTP program. So look at the forum for FTP clients instead.

Re: Web Browsers

My son-in-law uses Mozilla Firefox and it is electric-fast. I am now trying to learn to use the whole of Linux because it seems so superior to Windows. Does anyone do any kind of training sessions with Linux?



I've been using mozilla

I've been using mozilla firefox for quite a few years now and I am very satisfied with it.I've given opera a try but which focuses more on aesthetics but It was better than firefox for me.The only thing I dislike about firefox is that it uses up lots of resources.

I downloaded google chrome today , lets see how it turns out to be.There isn't much you can do at the moment rather than simple browsing, no plugins etc.

James keller


Both Firefox and Opera are excellent browsers and I use both. Firefox has the benefit of many more more plugins while Opera is more ergonomic. However, Opera is best browser by far when you have to work the internet hard. I often have 50 or more tabs open without any problems. The most recent version of Opera however, has got worse in that it now strips all the files in the cache of their identities (jpgs, gifs etc.). When reesearching, going into the cache is one of the best ways of saving the various files that you need and in Opera they used to all be clear and available for opening in the usual software. I therefore gone back to version 9.27 as this was the last one to keep a good and usable cache. Google Chrome is worse as it actually deletes the cache when you close the programme. Internet Explorer is good in that it allows you to download whole websites, an old feature not used much these days but great for workers with laptops who need certain sites a lot but have problems connecting. However, that's about the only good thing it has.
With browsers, like anything else, much depends on how intensive you use them.

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