With some frequency I find that I have inadvertently turned on Overtyep (or is it overwrite?) when writing emails - obvious key combinations don't turn it off - does anyone know how to?


Re: Overwrite in Outlook Express

Pressing the insert key (next to your keyboard's delete key) will toggle this behaviour on and off in any application. I cannot imagine anyone ever wanting to turn this on, it is simply a nuisance.

may you live and be

may you live and be well

how to recover overwritten Outlook Express mails

I have important mails stored on my mail folder, when I tried to change the directory using the option in outlook express 6 (using Maintenance->Store folder button and then save changes and exit the OE6), all my dbx file under my mail directory disappeared. Can anybody suggest software to restore my mails?

Re: how to recover overwritten Outlook Express mails

As regards the lost OE folders, here are a few obvious things to check:

- Are you logging in in the usual way? Each user has their own identity
with separate mailboxes. Sometimes people don't see what they expect to
because of this. Also check under File > Identities in OE that there is
only the one identity.

- Is there any 'view' currently applied? Check under the View > Current
View that 'Show all messages' is ticked.

- Have a look for the folders on the hard drive. Go Start > Find/Search >
Files on C: drive, and search for "*.dbx". If these have recently been
modified they're probably your emails and it should be possible to
retrieve them somehow.

- Close Outlook Express completely, go to the directory where these dbx
files are and delete the file 'Folders.dbx'. This should be recreated and
fixed the next time you start OE.

A good place to resolve issues like this, particularly if they are
associated with an error message is http://support.microsoft.com

Two particular pages for this problem are

how to recover overwritten Outlook Express mail folder

Thanks for the suggestions.
My case is not so simple. After I read the remedial measure u suggested I realised that there was a problem with my language. In place of "disappeared" please read "replaced". My Outlook folder is completely replaced/overwritten by another old Outlook folder, which was due to my mistake. The result is that all the folders and the mails are literally overwritten. Is there a software which can restore this? If so pl suggest.

Re: how to recover overwritten Outlook Express mail folder

Did you ever receive a satisfactory response or find a satisfactory solution to this problem? I had the exact same problem and contacted Microsoft to see if they had a solution. They did not offer one and said they would pass along my suggestion of an "Advanced Warning" about overwriting files to their developers. I would very much appreciate any guidance/learnings.

Re: how to recover overwritten Outlook Express mail folder

No Mr Tod. I did not find a solution to this yet. By this time a number of files have been written, saved and deleted from the drive. So There is very little chance of any recovery even if somebody suggests one.

Re: how to recover overwritten Outlook Express mail folder

hi sir i have a problem regard outlook express mails
my emails have owerwritten with some mails
and i lost all previous mails.
what i should do?
please replay answer as soon as possible coz its very
important mails

Re: how to recover overwritten Outlook Express mails

If you have no backup, and the only .dbx files anywhere on the system (I would double check) are newly created ones, then clearly you have a data recovery problem. So the procedure to produce this fault is to change the store folder and close OE? I believe it should copy the folders to the newly selected location when you restart OE, so maybe something happened in the interim.

The chances are that some of the sectors of the DBX files have been overwritten and therefore can only be recovered from the disk with highly-specialised equipment. But if you haven't copied too many files there (could put a cap on the swapfiles size too), you could use a hex or disk editor or something like Norton Disk Doctor the recover the majority of the messages.

how to recover overwritten Outlook Express mails

Thank you very much. I succeeded in retrieving my e-mails by deleting 'Folder.dbx'. It was a very helpful and brilliant method. Use this method if anyone has overwrite a dbx file. I am so happy to recover my lost e-mails.

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