When I try to log into webmail after an E-mail got stuck in my normal E-mail program it keeps saying that my username and/or password are wrong.

I am sure I type my username and password correctly.

What is going on?

Thanks in advance.



Re: I cannot log in

This could be caused by the earlier session to the same account. It has been opened but never been closed. When your E-mail program connects to the server it opens a session and then starts transferring your E-mail data.
If, for some reason, you get disconnected or your E-mail program stops downloading data for any other reason (AntiVirus program, crashed, etc.) that session never gets closed. The server does not know what happened on your end and waits for your E-mail program to download the rest of your E-mail data. If you try to connect while the server is waiting you it will not let you in.

All you can do is wait for a little while (~10 minutes) and then try downloading your E-mail again. If you still receive the same error message wait a little bit longer - if you get prompted for your password reenter it.

The server removes the lock file automatically after no data has been transferred for a while and will allow you to log in again.

Re: I cannot log in

This morning (7.20-7.40 British Summer Time) every time I try to log in I get the message "Your GreenNet Webmail Session has expired. Please login again." As I havent managed to log in at all this is highly frustrating.


Re: cannot log in

Have tried a number of times this morning to log in on the web mail but without success. Please advise asap to adriandenyer@hotmail.com, many thanks.

Re: I cannot log in

Webmail was being upgraded on 5 September and there were some remaining issues to do with sending attachments until 8 September, now all resolved.

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Re: I cannot log in

I'm having the same problem - 5.40pm Thursday

cannot retrieve my emails

Good Day

I have been trying for days to open my email in my hotmail account but I am having trouble doing so. Every I go to my inbox and click on my mails the error page would pop up that said..send error or don't send and then my ibox page will just shut down. I have some important mails in this account and I will really like to retrieve my emails.

If there's anyway I can be assisted I will greatly appreciate it.


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