The film concerns environmental issues in Indonesia.


‘Guardians of the Sea’ (2005, UK/Indonesia, 35 mins) Directors, Max Goldzweig and Rebecca Lomax
PLUS Q&A + short

Tuesday, February 7th, 7.00pm
Venue: J Z Young Lecture Theatre, Anatomy Building, Gower Street (University College London) WC1N
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‘Guardians of the Sea’ is a film about the relationship between environmentalists, tourism and the Bajo “Sea Gypsy” community of Sampela in South East Sulawesi (Central Indonesia). The Bajo people rely on the sea for their livelihoods, yet Western environmentalists are arguing that marine resources are declining and see that their role is to convince the Bajo to change their fishing methods. The Bajo people have a close cultural and spiritual affinity with the sea and believe that the sea spirits have given every human being the right to exploit the sea’s bounty however they wish. The film explores the different ways in which the Bajo and environmentalists relate to the issue of marine resource decline, and presents a case for a more indigenously sympathetic approach to nature conservation.

Directors: Max Goldzweig and Rebecca Lomax
Producers: Max Goldzweig and Rebecca Lomax
Country: UK/Indonesia
Year of Production: 2005
Running time: 35 minutes
Imperial College Graduate Film - Distinction

Funding organisations: Imperial College Exploration Board, The Milly Apthorp Charitable Trust, The Dunsheath Expedition Award, The Gordon Foundation, The Charles Combe Memorial Trust and Imperial College Science Communication Department.

Max Goldzweig and Rebecca Lomax graduated from the MSc course in Science Media Production at Imperial College London in November 2005. Their graduate film, Guardians of the Sea, is their first film, which they co-produced and co-directed.

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