Service Description
Drupal Search using Apache Solr

Apache Solr is an incredibly fast and powerful  search with its own database that is well suited to handling complex queries across records of large databases. This service is mainly aimed at developers and web site administrators who are looking to improve the way their site can be searched and navigated.

Setting up a search engine on your site

GreenNet can enable a search engine for any website hosted on the GN webserver. These instructions explain how to customise the search for your site.

Web hosting features

See here for a description of some of what is included and prices for extra webspace. GreenNet offers a web hosting service which allows you to build a web site for the widest internet audience. All GreenNet websites are hosted on high performance Linux/Apache servers on the Internet backbone. These servers support PHP and CGI scripting and MySQL databases. The search engine is Ht://Dig. See our server hosting section for more details.

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