Service Description
Database enabling (MySQL)

GreenNet’s database enabling service is designed for hosting websites that are built on a dynamic model where pages are served up from a database as users call for them.
Database enabling allows you to use your website, not only for static files of html web pages, but also for any kind of PHP/CGI system to pull information out of a database and display results on the web.

Drupal Web hosting package

Our managed Drupal hosting is for organisations who want a managed and dynamic presence on the web with easy access to expert Drupal advice and development support.

Membership packages at a glance

GreenNet’s subscriptions are organised into packages of services. We have put them together according to the most common needs of our users. Each package has a number of optional extras, such as extra web space, mailboxes or broadband connection, and all are hosted on our renewably-powered platform. Click on the package name to see more details. If you cannot find a membership package that suits your needs, e-mail GreenNet Support, use the contact form or ring 020 7065 0942 (or 0845 055 4011*) and we will customise a subscription package for you.

Organisational membership

For larger organisations with more experience of using the Internet for professional advantage and for Individuals and organisations keen to customise their presence on the Internet.

Small Group membership

For smaller organisations wanting a professional presence on the web

Web based services

Links to web based systems for administering databases (phpMyAdmin), ActionApps, mailing lists (mailman), and web based email (squirrelmail, horde).

Web hosting environment

Below is a brief description of the most important technical features of our web hosting environment.

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