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Creating an E-mail form in Frontpage 2003

MicroSoft are trying to lock their users into using MicroSoft only software. FrontPage claims to require a MicroSoft server to publish a web site that contains a feedback or any other kind of form. In this article we show you how to set up a form to submit something to your web site in Frontpage 2003 on our — or anyone elses’ — servers.

Creating an interactive form on your website

Formmail is an easy-to-use CGI program running on our Linux web server that sends the results of a submitted form as an email message. It can be used for many different types of form. Please note that on new sites this program isn't automatically enabled, so if you want to use it please contact us and we can turn it on for you.

Form spam

Frequently asked questions and answers about spam received on or via websites.

Formmail example 1

EXAMPLE 1 This is a very simple fill-out form example. Whatever you type in the box below will be emailed back to To test this form for yourself:

Formmail example 2


1) View the source of the HTML 2) Cut and paste the HTML code between the <FORM METHOD…..> and </FORM> tags. 3) Change the ‘Mailto’ field to your own email address. 4) Save the file as plain text in your normal HTML editor. 5) Upload the file to your site and call up the URL
How to send campaign email without inconveniencing anyone

Beware your email list being used by spammers with these list management guidelines.

Web hosting features

See here for a description of some of what is included and prices for extra webspace. GreenNet offers a web hosting service which allows you to build a web site for the widest internet audience. All GreenNet websites are hosted on high performance Linux/Apache servers on the Internet backbone. These servers support PHP and CGI scripting and MySQL databases. The search engine is Ht://Dig. See our server hosting section for more details.

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