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#Budget2015: Welfare for Fossil Fuels, Austerity for the rest

Mar 18, 20153:45 pm by mika

Today, Osborne announced massive tax breaks and subsidies for North Sea oil companies. A new £1.3 billion in subsidies will be handed to oil companies, with the burden transferred to the public. £1.3 billion could cover the costs of employing another 20,000 nurses in the NHS.

80 ways to celebrate World Environment Day

CO2 Kick the Habit on World Environment DayCO2 Kick the Habit on World Environment DayFrom bicycle parades and green blogging to rainwater harvesting and walking: Make 5th June a zero emissions day!

A city for cyclists?

LCC members protest in dramatic fashion against car pollution in the capitalLCC members protest in dramatic fashion against car pollution in the capitalTell Boris not to scrap the western extension of the congestion charge.

Aleutia E2 low power computer demo video

So you've read about the Aleutia E2 ultra low-power computer but still can't make up your mind? We have a little video demonstrating how easy it is to setup with a solar panel and battery pack, as well as VESA mounting on the back of a monitor for home, office or educational use.

All that glisters is not green

The Guardian suggests some greener alternatives to standard plastic seasonal decorations

Anglo Platinum is polluting local water supplies

says an investigation by ActionAid into the activities of the world’s biggest platinum mining company.

Belu Water

Belu is a pioneering social enterprise that produces the UK’s most ethical water brand. Its crystal clear, natural mineral water is UK produced and available in both still and sparkling.

It is the UK’s first bottled water to be 100% carbon neutral. All of its beautiful bottles are made right here in the UK using the highest possible percentage recycled materials.

Belu is the exclusive bottled water partner of WaterAid, giving them all of their profits – guaranteeing a minimum of £100,000 a year.

Britain facing large energy gap.

A major report claims that fossil fuels will remain the mainstay of supply, with renewables expanding and nuclear power almost certainly needed.

British Association of Nature Conservationists

To increase knowledge and information regarding UK nature conservation

British Naturalists Association

The website aims to reach new people who may be interested in the work of the British Naturalists Association (BNA) and to keep existing members fully informed.

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