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Concerns grow over biofuel impact

It has long been known that growing ethanol and other biofuel causes deforestation in South America and Asia, as well as being inefficient even in the UK, but the news that growing palm oil releases 30 times more CO2 than in saved from not burning petrol may have influenced decision makers in Bali.

Heathrow "yes" getting colourful "no"

Big “No” at Heathrow.Big “No” at Heathrow.Stop Airport Expansion… we’re in it for the long haul! Pelt Geoff Hoon with red sponges on Saturday.

The G20 - Can they fix it?

Come to the City of London to help point them in the right direction.

Updated introduction to ecological ethics

GreenNet member Dr Patrick Curry has published a revised and greatly-expanded second edition of his successful Ecological Ethics: An Introduction, first published in 2006 by Polity Press. 

With the dark evenings drawing in and temperatures dropping

The BBC reports on how you can change your own home into a power station. Not quite a simple task, some of us will have to stick to cling

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