Updated introduction to ecological ethics

GreenNet member Dr Patrick Curry has published a revised and greatly-expanded second edition of his successful Ecological Ethics: An Introduction, first published in 2006 by Polity Press. 

Take your daughter to work day

Hitchin Girls’ School took part in take your daughter to work day, organised by take our daughters and sons to work foundation.

Fracking is the death spasm of a defunct economic order, by Paul Mobbs

Political support for fracking is not just about energy, writes Paul Mobbs. It reflects the greater ecological and resource crisis at the root of our current economic woes – and only postpones the essential shift to a new kind of economy.

For eight months I’ve been travelling around England and Wales talking about ‘unconventional gas’ – shale gas, coal-bed methane and underground coal gasification, often erroneously conflated as ‘fracking’.

This intensive period of work began last June, and continued into 2014 to meet the continued requests for talks.

London's hidden green spaces are its heart and lungs

Hidden in the back-streets and back-alleys of neglected estates, on railway sidings and in disused corners of the city, seemingly unnoticed by the hustle and bustle of the rat race, is a network of precious green space.
There are 16 city farms in London and hundreds of community gardens and growing sites. Almost without exception they are independent charities, started by volunteers and treasured by their local communities.

Somerset Levels - the real battle is getting the Government to pay, by Oliver Tickell

Right wing media and politicians have chosen the Somerset Levels as their battle field for fighting the 'green' agenda. There is just one problem - the facts.

Meet the IOC, a foul band reeking of corruption and manipulation, by Andrew Jennings

The International Olympic Committee, a foul band reeking of corruption, half of whom were chosen by former president Juan Antonio Samaranch, a devoted Fascist in Franco’s Spain.

Will the Lords see through the Transparency of Lobbying Bill? by Alice Moore

A Bill supposedly designed to restore trust in Parliament will obstruct the work of those who campaign for the disenfranchised, while allowing powerful corporations and industry lobbyists unscrutinised access to ministers.

“Campaigning is an essential part of a healthy democratic society which allows people the freedom of expression to speak out and actively challenge the status quo.”

What's a cryptofest?

Yesterday, 30 November, there was a Cryptofestival in London.  What's a cryptofestival?  No, it's not about doing the Monster Mash in a graveyard or Zombie Walks for Buy Nothing Day (although there were a few of those as well that day), and only a little bit to do with zombie legislation

Brand new gag: the hidden war on press freedom, by Tim Dawson

On Thursday 1 August this year, investigative journalist Andrew Jennings noticed that his website transparancyinsport.org, was not accessible. Jennings, who has done notable work for Panorama, World in Action and Sunday Times Insight maintains the site as part of his ongoing research into corruption in world football.  He called his service provider, GreenNet.

How the NSA is hurting America's tech industry — and helping China's

International customers are fleeing tech titans like Cisco over fears of U.S. snooping. But they'll likely face similar surveillance by working with Chinese competitors. By John Aziz

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