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Choose your webmail client

There are two ways of accessing your GreenNet email account on the web.

Going away and need an automatic 'Away from my email' response set up? DIY!

We’re excited to announce a cool new tool to make GreenNet email even better! Your GN email account now gives you not only unlimited mailbox size, a choice of pop, imap and web based mail, but also access to your own auto response message tool. You can set up an ‘away from my mail’ message – whenever you want, from wherever you are, using whatever text you like. Check the step by step guide for setting up your own auto-responder in the support section of the website.

GreenNet email

GreenNet’s POP/IMAP enabled mailboxes with unlimited online storage, access to email from anywhere using GreenNet webmail, spam and virus filtering, daily offsite backups and GreenNet Support to help you along the way.

How to change your GreenNet email password

Changing your GreenNet password is not something that should normally be necessary, since the one you will have been supplied should be strong enough.  However, if you want to rotate your password to something new, you can do this through our webmail interface.

Setting up an "Out of office" auto-reply

If you are going away from your email for a while, you can change the way we deal with your incoming messages.

Web based services

Links to web based systems for administering databases (phpMyAdmin), ActionApps, mailing lists (mailman), and web based email (squirrelmail, horde).

Where's the webmail link gone??

Do not click on this picture of the link but click on the link in the top right corner of your screenDo not click on this picture of the link but click on the link in the top right corner of your screenDon’t let moving links spoil your day. Webmail still has a link and it’s still at the top of the page – it’s just a bit more over to the right hand corner. You see – it’s just over there and it works just the same as it ever did.

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