As well as being an ethically minded, socially responsible, technically expert, slightly geekish workers collective, GreenNet is also 9 rather interesting individuals…


EdEd Experience at GN: Ed recently joined GN and has 20 years working with NGOs and non-profit organisations, mainly for migrants and human rights. Ed handles outreach, web project management, project conceptualisation and planning, CMS support and training.
Favourite OS: LinkedIn
Famous for: Not having obsessive compulsive knitting tendencies.
Languages: English, Arabic, Nairobi Street Swahili
Least likely to say: “No more coffee thanks”


LizLiz Experience at GN: Liz has worked for GreenNet since 1998, initially on user support and web server administration, and more recently on web development projects using ActionApps and Drupal. As an active member of the APC Women’s Networking Support Programme, she has contributed to technical installations and training at a number of UN conferences and international events supporting women and technology.
Favourite OS: Kubuntu
Famous for: Still keeping her chickens outside despite avian flu.
Languages: real English, techie English
Least likely to: get in a stew


marekmarek Experience at GN: Marek has worked with GreenNet since 2000 as the technical operations manager. He works on core systems administration, platform monitoring and development, clients’ systems supervision, the analysis of web based projects; web servers’ administration and programming.
Favourite OS: Anything that resembles Unix.
Famous for: Migrating the entire GN system to a colocated Linux platform and generally securing GreenNet’s future through brilliant technical planning.
Languages: Czech, English, Czechlish
Least likely to say: “Comrades”


SarahSarah Experience at GN: Sarah specialises in web design with a focus on accessibility and usability. She has extensive experience in building websites driven by content management systems, especially in the not-for-profit sector, and working with Amnesty International, Shelter, Mencap, Oneworld and British Council.
Favourite OS: Mac OS
Famous for: Being the most creative and arty member of the collective, working in a studio by the sea
Languages: real English, CSS
Least likely to: allow columns not to line up


CedricCedric Experience at GN: Cedric has been providing freelance IT support to the voluntary sector for about fifteen years, having worked as a programmer and technical writer, but migrated to GreenNet in 2003, where he works on mail and web systems administration, DNS, client support and hardcore nonviolent security measures.
Favourite OS: RiscOS, Windows 95b, c, d but not e (because there’s a bug in the kernel interrupt call table)
Famous for: Being an anti-spam Time Lord (think Doctor Who against scammers instead of Slitheen, or Daleks if you’re over 40) avidly collecting, analysing and peacefully destroying spam, and pioneering no-cost peer-to-peer website mirroring.
Languages: British English (perfectly spelt and composed)
Contribution to the revolution: “childcare and proof-reading manifestos.”


IanIan Experience at GN: Ian has worked for GreenNet since 2005, and prior to that he worked for LaNeta in Mexico City. For GreenNet, he has worked on a range of Drupal-based web projects, including some that have involved Drupal module development, and CiviCRM integration. Ian’s expertise lies in open source web solutions and security measures. He has also pioneered a ground-breaking new comprehensive Linux installation training amongst the GN user community.
Favourite OS: Kubuntu (or Emacs if anyone would let him)
Famous for: Defending APC DNS and borderline obsessive compulsive behaviour around security – leaving us so well locked up that not even the sysadmins can get into the server.
Languages: United Statesian English, British English, Spanish
Least likely to say: “I say chaps, any chance of getting a warm beer around here?”


HowardHoward Experience at GN: Howard Lane is GreenNet’s Finance Officer. He has responsibility for financial planning and expenditure management. He prepares the company’s annual accounts, and quarterly financial reports. He implements a monthly bill run for invoicing GreenNet’s users. He also manages the financial relationship between GreenNet Ltd and the parent charity, the GreenNet Educational Trust. Howard is a certified accountant with 15 years’ experience.
Favourite OS: Anything that works (pleease!)
Famous for: Being one of Deptford’s foremost plastic bucket percussionists and playing drums in Abbey Road Studio 2 (once).
Languages: Management Speak, talking drum.
Least likely to say: “it’s free as in beer”


Experience at GN: Andrew has worked for GN since 2010, providing first-line phone and email support, being our WordPress expert, and recabling stuff properly.
Favourite OS: Plan 9 (or, failing that, Ubuntu)
Famous for: Being a keen hiker and knowing more about Google AdWords than anyone else, with the possible exception of Google.
Most likely to say: “Shall I make some coffee?”
Least likely to say: “Shall I make some tea?”


KarenKarenNo longer based in the office, Karen still supplies GreenNet with spiritual guidance whilst working for the APC and, until recently, running a pub in Oxfordshire, electronically circumnavigating the globe and fighting the good fight for open access to ICTs. In 2004 she won the inaugural Anita Borg Institute’s Social Impact Award.

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