What you say about us

“ a reliable, ethical, friendly and fabulous service”
“ thank you for all the support you gave to us… for your help and patience!”
“THANK you for the great and always prompt support you've always provided. It was much appreciated! ”
“I am very happy for having the opportunity of participating in an international project like the FANMex microsite. We made a great team and managed to finish on schedule and with all the features we had originallly decided on... The feedback we´ve had from our network members is very positive”
Beatriz, Freshwater Action Network Mexico
“ I’ve had a GreenNet account since 1988 and in all that time I’ve found the support offered has been consistently superb. Whether it was queries over set ups and modems, extra space or content, GreenNet support has been unfailing patient with my requests.”
“ Been with you since I first had an email account, and it’s the best service anywhere.”
“ …it’s a great set-up and I’m really happy to pay you for my account and not get a “free” one (there’s no such thing as a free lunch) with some mega-corporation, or end up paying into someone’s share portfolio via a commercial ISP.”

What is GreenNet?

GreenNet is a not-for-profit ethical collective ISP. It was set up in 1985 as an effective and cheap way for environmental activists to communicate – long before the web and dot-coms. Unlike many other internet service providers, GreenNet is geared to the needs of activist organisations and individuals working for social change. Our use of networking technology focuses on supporting and promoting their work for peace, human rights and the environment.

As part of our work within the NGO community, we set up the GreenNet Educational Trust in 1994 as a registered charity which can spend any profits from GreenNet's activities on support and promotion of the use of ICTs. GreenNet is also a founding member of the Association for Progressive Communications (APC), a global network of networks that work for peace, human rights and the environment through the use of ICTs.

What is a collective?

A collective organisation is one in which a group of people work together on the basis of equal benefit to all. There is no hierarchical structure, the organisation is jointly operated, with all staff members having equal decision-making powers, and equal responsibility. In the case of the GreenNet collective, staff members do not benefit from GreenNet's profits, or have any shares in GreenNet. GreenNet is owned by the GreenNet Educational Trust (GET), a registered charity (registered charity no. 1037080), so it is not strictly a workers' co-op, but functions similarly. Any profit made by GreenNet goes directly into GET towards the implementation of projects.

How did it all begin?

In 1985, a bunch of environmental activist techies worked together to devise tools that would support networking efforts within the green movement. They called the operation "GreenNet". Soon, GreenNet began collaborating and exchanging information with similar networks in other countries, such as PeaceNet and EcoNet. For more information see a longer history of GreenNet.

In 1990 the Association for Progressive Communications (APC) was formed by these networks. The APC currently has 45 member networks serving over 50,000 activists, non-profit organisations, charities and NGOs in over 133 countries. The APC is committed to supporting international links with Southern member and partner networks.

GreenNet has provided an international gateway for small, indigenous networks in African and Asian countries since 1987. The gateway has supported email exchange between the internet and 52 networks in Africa and Asia – sometimes the link being the only means of electronic communication for NGOs and other organisations in those countries.

GreenNet and other APC networks pay a proportion of their income to the APC to support the operations of the Association.

How can I support GreenNet?

For GreenNet to survive and develop we need the continued support of our users and to recruit new members. You can help by simply promoting an account with GreenNet, or advertising our services at an event you are attending. We also organise ad swaps with users and attend users events and conferences.

If you can help with GreenNet outreach, please email info@gn.apc.org

If you are interested in helping our work, you can volunteer to help and lend your skills to further the projects. If there is an area that you would like to get more involved with, please get in touch.

You can also contribute towards the work of the GreenNet Educational Trust in similar ways, including donating your time or resources to help implement the charity's objectives.

Who uses GreenNet?

GreenNet has developed specifically to support activists and small- to medium-sized non-governmental organisations. GreenNet designs and hosts web sites for organisations whose work is consistent with our mission, which is to work with movements for peace, economic and social justice, human rights and environmental sustainability around the world. Check the Network section of this site to see some of the groups using GreenNet.

Contact and legal information

If you have access to email, you can send any queries to: info@gn.apc.org. Alternatively, contact the GreenNet support team by phone on: 020 7065 0935 between 09.30 and 17.30 Monday to Friday. Our 0845 055 4011 number costs 2p a minute plus your phone company’s access charge.

GreenNet is also a member of the Internet Service Provders Association, Nominet UK (.uk domain registrar), and CISAS.

Registered address: GreenNet, Development House, 56-64 Leonard Street, London EC2A 4LT
Tel: UK 020 7065 0935 (or 0845, call charges as above) (Intl +44) 20 7065 0935 Fax: 020 7065 0936
Registered in England No. 02070438 VAT Reg GB 473 0262 65

Featured services

Ethical home & organisational broadband, ADSL up to 8Mbps & 20Mbps (depending on distance from exchange and other factors), unlimited bandwidth, fixed IP, and GreenNet’s excellent support team ensuring you’re online all of the time.

GreenNet’s POP/IMAP enabled mailboxes with unlimited online storage, access to email from anywhere using GreenNet webmail, spam and virus filtering, daily off-site backups and GreenNet Support to help you along the way.

GreenCloud gives you the power of cloud file storage and online collaboration tools, hosted on GreenNet servers. The GreenCloud service includes file storage, individual and shared calendars, task lists, shared contact lists, a music player and image viewer.